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    Automotive Industry

    Unibar continuous cast iron bar is also used within the automotive industry for the manufacturing of various products.

    United Cast Bar supplies to the automotive industry a wide range of grey/ flake and spheroidal iron that totally meet the requirements of the different end products due to their special characteristics.

    The mechanical properties and defect free quality ensure manufacturers gain significant cost savings whilst maintaining essential design characteristics. Manufacturers are utilising the benefits of Unibar continuously cast iron, achieving improved mechanical characteristics along with the elimination of burrs on internal machined faces. Lathe turning operations (facing, centering and rough turning) can be up to 50% quicker to machine continuous cast iron when compared with steel.

    Unibar offers many advantages over steel and sand castings for use in the automotive sector. High wear resistance and excellent noise and vibration damping make this material extremely suitable for the manufacture of gears and brake discs. The 10% weight reduction against steel is beneficial to manufacturers of performance parts.


    • Brake Pistons
    • Camshafts
    • Cylinder Liners
    • Damper Pistons
    • Gears
    • Break Discs
    • Pulleys
    • Valve Guides
    • Tappet Guides