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    Glass Industry

    United Cast Bar supplies continuous cast iron into the glass industry sector for various applications. Unibar is thereby used for the production of glass bottles as well as float glass applications. Our special qualities Unibar GF, Unibar GFP and Unibar GFMV are the primary materials used for the production of glass moulds and glass mould neck rings.

    Unibar GF, Unibar GFP and Unibar GFMV offer a microstructure of interdendritic graphite in a ferritic matrix and are often used to replace traditional sand castings.

    All of our glass qualities are titanium treated which gives a very fine graphite matrix. The fine graphite produces an exceptionally fine polished finish, perfect for the manufacture of glass bottles where a highly polished finish is required.

    United Cast Bar manufacture carrying rollers manufactured from Unibar ADI material. Unibar ADI offers a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance. Strengths of over 1500 MPa (216,000 psi) can be developed, similar to that of high tensile steels. Unibar ADI retains its beneficial properties such as excellent machinability, vibration and noise damping capacity, 10% weight reduction and high wear resistance due to the self-lubricating network of graphite.


    • Full Molds
    • Neck Rings
    • Baffles
    • Funnels
    • Plungers
    • Sleeves