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    Machinery and Machine Tools

    Both, our Unibar grey iron grades and our Unibar nodular iron grades are used extensively in the machinery and machine tool industry sector.

    Due to the structural characteristics and exceptional mechanical properties our Unibar products are used to achieve significantly improved machining times and reduce costs. The mechanical properties of Unibar ensure quality and reliability are maintained throughout the manufacturing and operational life.

    Especially in the machinery and machine tools section, machining operations can be up to 50% quicker on Unibar continuous cast iron when compared with steels, as well as a 25% improvement on profile turning and grinding operation times.


    • Brake Pistons
    • Gears
    • Machine Tool Heads
    • Guide Rolls
    • Bevel Gears
    • Rollers
    • Pulleys
    • Spindle Housing