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    Green Iron – Turn old into new


    With more than 120 years of cumulative experience and expertise in the engineering and production of continuously cast iron, our casting process is not only a simple production process – producing Unibar continuously cast iron is part of the Circular Economy. With our way of working we try to create a significant positive impact on environment.


    Material Input

    Although virgin raw materials are introduced to our process, our material itself is totally recyclable. We re-melt cuttings or swarf from our own processing as well as used products from our customers, re-melting these for the production of new bars.

    For our flake grades in particular, we re-use steel cuttings or stampings, waste or recycled material from other sectors to re-melt and create our own Unibar material. The material input in our foundry includes more than 60% of recycled material.

    Production Process

    When it comes to energy usage for our entire production, United Cast Bar try to buy from renewable sources. More than 70% of the energy we use for our production process is from ‘low carbon sources’.

    With the installed TESLA battery storage solution UCB (UK) is also able to avoid ever growing Peak demand Charges, monitor and analyse energy consumption patterns supporting the reduction of our carbon footprint.

    Collection and Recycling

    When we remove the impurities from the liquid iron, this waste from our production can be treated, further processed and utilised in the construction of roads.

    The installation of extraction systems in our foundries that focus on a cleaner and safer operating environment enable us also to process the extraction dust itself to extract elements from it that can be re-used, like zinc oxide.