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    Meltminder 300


    United Cast Bar (UK) Ltd has an ongoing commitment to excellence in manufacturing and continuous improvement, for the production of our extensive range of continuously cast irons.

    We have recently installed a new melting control and management system called Meltminder 300. It is the latest software upgrade available from our furnace manufacturer Inductotherm, and is designed to support precise, highly responsive and fully programmable control of the melting furnaces, which is important to the safe and efficient operation of our induction melting equipment.

    They are designed to provide the furnace operator with the tools needed to precisely control and monitor the entire melting process, from charging to melting to tapping. It is able to provide our melt shop supervisors and managers with the broad range of data they need to monitor, evaluate and plan the melting along with a number of other advantages to vastly improve on our already excellent facilities as follows:

    The Meltminder Melting System Control, ultimately the temperature based controls can calculate up to designated temperatures and apply hold power to reduce energy usage and avoid superheating.

    Advantages for UCB by using Meltminder 300:

    • Automated Control of the Complete Melt Cycle
    • Cold Start Schedule Control
    • Real-Time Monitoring of Furnace Charging with Load Cells
    • Real-Time Monitoring of System Water Temperatures
    • Comprehensive Record-Keeping and Detailed Data Generation
    • Energy Consumption Monitoring
    • Analysis of Available Materials and Recommendations for Charge Make-Up
    • Weight, Power and Temperature control