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    UCB Cast Profil SA

    UCB Cast Profil SA
    Pol. San Miguel
    C/ Albert Einstein nº64
    50830 Villanueva de Gállego
    Tel: +34 976 185767
    Fax: +34 976 185775
    E-Mail: sales.es@unitedcastbar.com

    Persone di riferimento

    Responsabili Vendite
    Nieves Vicente
    Tel: +34 976 451066
    E-Mail: Nieves.Vicente@unitedcastbar.com
    Ufficio Vendite
    Asun Palacios
    Tel: +34 976 451069
    E-Mail: Asun.Palacios@unitedcastbar.com
    Ufficio Vendite
    Mercedes Monzon
    Tel: +34 976 451060
    E-Mail: Mercedes.Monzon@unitedcastbar.com
    Ufficio Vendite
    Susana Lacarta Abad
    Tel: +34 976 451060
    E-Mail: Susana.Lacarta@unitedcastbar.com
    Sviluppo delle vendite 
    Carmelo Cañada
    Tel: +34 610462 464
    E-Mail: Carmelo.Canada@unitedcastbar.com


    11 students from Zaragoza Dinámica, an institute of the Council of Zaragoza, visited UCB Cast Profil in Zaragoza to learn more about continuously cast iron, our foundry and the processes within.

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    UCB invite you to join our team!

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    Another innovation in the UCB Group to meet strict environmental standards

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    Following UCB Group investments across various sites we are pleased to confirm our foundry in Zaragoza, Spain has now completed its re-structure and investment in its cutting capacity.

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