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    UCB Austria GmbH

    UCB Austria GmbH
    Liebochstraße 5
    8143 Dobl
    Phone: +43 3136 530290
    Fax: +43 3136 5302928
    E-Mail: sales.at@unitedcastbar.com

    Contact Persons

    Sales Manager
    Asmir Halilovic
    Phone: +49 160 8080588
    E-Mail: Asmir.Halilovic@unitedcastbar.com
    Sales Back Office
    Bernd Malatschnig
    Phone: +43 313 65302915
    Sales Back Office
    Tamara Jeremic
    Phone: +43 313 65302920
    E-Mail: Tamara.Jeremic@unitedcastbar.com

    Milestones of the company:

    • 1985 Foundation of the company Karl Raposch GmbH in Graz
    • 2001 Raposch GmbH beccomes part of the United Cast Bar Group, the company is renamed to UCB Raposch GmbH
    • 2007 UCB Raposch GmbH is renamed to UCB Austria GmbH
    • 2011/2012 Purchase of a hall in Dobl used for the machining and as warehouse

    Range of services:

    In our distribution center we have our own machining shop with different saws. Therewith, we are able to supply our customers with our Unibar continuously cast iron not only as raw material but also as customer-specific cuts.

    Cutting of material

    Unibar profiles can be cut on our saws up to a diameter of 500mm.