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    UCB Metalli S.r.l.

    UCB Metalli S.r.l.
    Via Emilia Ovest 60
    29010 Rottofreno (Piacenza)
    Phone: +39 0523 781449 
    Fax: +39 0523 781494
    E-Mail: sales.it@unitedcastbar.com
    VAT No.: IT13341950155

    Contact Persons

    Sales CCI
    Enrico Poggi


    Sales NF Metals
    Daniela Bruzzese


    Gaia Spinelli


    Lucia Ceriani


    Quality Management
    Giovanna Ramelli


    Human Resources
    Sabrina Polastri


    Milestones of the company:

    • 1995 Foundation of the company Piacenza Metalli with a small location near Piacenza 
    • 1997 Removal to a bigger location in Calendasco, also within the region of Piacenza
    • 2001 Piacenza Metalli becomes part of the United Cast Bar Group, the company is renamed to UCB Metalli S.r.l.
    • 2005 Second removal of the company to Rottofreno, the present location, construction of an own warehouse

    Range of services:

    In our distribution center we have a machining shop equipped with different saws and milling machines. Therewith, we can offer a broad spectrum of services to our customers.   

    Cutting of material

    Profiles can be cut on two conventional saws up to a diameter of 1100mm and square / rectangular bars up to dimensions of 1100x1100mm. On our four automatic band saws it is possible to cut the Unibar profiles up to a diameter of 680mm.

    We can offer our customers the cutting of longitudinal cuts of our bars (up to the standard length of 3m).

    The available bronze profiles can also be cut on a separate saw to a diameter of 260mm.

    Roughing of surface – Milling

    Square and rectangular bars can be machined with our available milling machines on four sides up to a length of 2000mm.

    Distribution of NF metals:

    In addition to the distribution of our Unibar continuously cast irons, some of the distribution centers of the United Cast Bar Group are suppliers of non-ferrous metals. Our location is also responsible for the supply of individual and large customers.

    We can cut the ordered material to the appropriate length according to your specific demand.


    Investing in a new saw for UCB Metalli

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