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    UCB Sweden AB

    UCB Sweden AB
    Baravägen 7
    61341 Oxelösund
    Phone: +46 155 33150 
    Fax: +46 155 33130
    E-Mail: sales.se@unitedcastbar.com

    Contact Persons

    Sales Back Office
    Lena Andersson
    Phone:+46 155 33135
    Sales Back Office
    Annica Andersson
    Phone:+46 155 33135



    Milestones of the company:

    • 1992 Foundation of the company CEOX AB with a Norwegian owner
    • 1995-1996 New owner took over the company
    • 1997 Removal of the company to Oxelösund, the present location of the distribution center 
    • 1998 CEOX AB becomes part of the United Cast Bar Group, renaming of the company to UCB CEOX AB, the company Allcast in Malmö simultaneously was taken over by United Cast Bar 
    • 2003 UCB Allcast in Malmö was closed down and all stock was moved to Oxelösund, both companies became UCB Sweden AB

    Range of services:

    In our distribution center we have a small machining shop equipped with different saws and one milling machine. Because of this we are able to supply our customers with our Unibar continuously cast iron not only as raw material but also as customer-specific cuts and milled bars.

    Cutting of material

    Profiles can be cut on our conventional saws up to dimensions of 460mm. On our plate saw it is possible to cut the Unibar profiles up to a diameter of 612mm and a length of 600mm, rectangular/square bars can be cut up to dimensions of 450mm and a length of 1800mm.

    Roughing of surface – Milling

    Square and rectangular bars can be machined with our available milling machine up to the following dimensions, a width of 250mm, a height of 300mm and a length of 1700mm.