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    CNC Turning

    We offer fast and quality CNC turning on modern turning centres. We machine parts and castings from cast iron, non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass and copper).
    Turning up to diameter D 620 mm, length 1200 mm and up to 1200 kg of handling weight. Lathes equipped with drive tools and Y-axis.




    Doosan PUMA GL 2600LM CNC lathe, X/Z: 610x1030, maximum diameter D 410 mm, 12 rotary tools

    Doosan PUMA 3100LY CNC lathe, X/Z: 850x1285, maximum diameter D 420 mm, 12 rotary tools, Y-axis

    MAX Müller MD 20 turning centre, 120 tools, maximum diameter D 600 mm, length 1350 mm, hydraulic steady rest, workpiece load 3000 kg 

    Doosan PUMA 2100Y CNC lathe, X/Z: 406x560, maximum diameter D 406 mm, 12 rotary tools 

    Doosan PUMA GL 2600LSY II CNC lathe, X/Z: 610x1030, with counterspindle and bar feeder,  maximum diameter D 410 mm, 12 rotary tools

          Next planned investment is Doosan Puma 2100 LSY TT with counterspindle and twin turret. This expansion allow us to machine faster complex parts like shafts and rotors. This machine will take in operation durin end of year 2022. More information about our machinery you find here.