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    United Cast Bar Group, part of the Proclad Group, is one of the world’s leading and most successful manufacturers of continuously cast iron bar.

    Incorporating more than 120 years of cumulative experience and expertise in the engineering of continuously cast iron, United Cast Bar developed a synergy for technical and manufacturing procedures, quality systems, control parameters, commercial rationalization and supply logistics. From this base the trademark production brand Unibar was created. United Cast Bar has the largest portfolio of products available in the industry today.


    Due to the merger of the three most renowned continuous cast iron bar foundries in Europe – Eurocast Bar Limited (UK), Starkey's Technicast Limited (UK) und Cast Profil SA (Spain), together with their belonging retailers and distribution centres – United Cast Bar Limited was founded in February 1998.


    Development and creation of the Unibar brand. With its excellent product properties our material is a synonym for high quality standards. Unibar is supplied in a wide range of products, including grey/flake irons as well as nodular/SG irons.

    1998 – 2006

    With a further strategic acquisition of manufacturing and distribution businesses, a group of companies was created, including four active foundries and 13 distribution locations. The United Cast Bar Group has more than 400 employees and an annual delivery capacity of 80,000 tonnes.

    2007 – 2009

    United Cast Bar restructured its operations within the whole group, concentrating the manufacturing of continuously cast iron to two foundry locations in UK and Spain and eight distribution centres across Europe.

    2009 – 2010

    Investment in United Cast Bar (UK) Ltd. melting facilities to increase the group output, with the focus being on low-cost and low BEP production strategies.

    Further investment in the distribution facilities, including the opening of UCB Korea, UCB Gulf (UAE) and UCB Turkey, and the incorporation of the local distributors for UK and Spain in the foundries.


    Investment of new melting facilities in UCB Cast Profil in Spain to increase the output and reduce operating costs. UK negotiated an additional 10,000m² of land to improve efficiency of stock and stock control along with the installation of four additional efficient heat treatment furnaces and improved machining facilities.

    United Cast Bar has a manufacturing base that can produce more than 80,000 tonnes of Unibar cast iron and a permanent stock of 20,000 tonnes in its two foundries and multiple distribution centres throughout Europe and the Far East.

    Future Developments

    United Cast Bar Group is constantly looking to the future and is committed to the ongoing development of its own companies and its high quality products. Our aim is to establish further high standards of quality, consistency and customer service, while also providing the best technical and commercial support.

    Due to investments regarding the extension of our sales and distribution network and the close cooperation with our strategic partners we would further enhance our distribution and supply facilities throughout the world to make Unibar available wherever there is need for our material.