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UCB Supply Chain

19th July 2022

Dear Customer

Continuing our policy to keep you updated with market conditions and anticipate future positions, we write to give assurances from our Supply Chain managers for raw material sourcing.

Considering the current situation within Eastern Europe, we initially had concerns for an immediate and medium term impact on the availability of raw materials due to the trading sanctions imposed. Both availability and pricing have been significantly affected.
However, we are happy to report that UCB Group has worked hard to overcome obstacles, and continued to maintain production levels, satisfying as much market demand as is possible in these very challenging circumstances.

We write to you to give further assurances that UCB Group should be in a position to avoid any interruption to production due to lack of specific resources for the remainder of 2022. With the information we have today, our Supply Chain Managers have continued to follow all legislative guidelines on sourcing materials responsibly, striving to maintain our ethical values and position.
We have done our very best to secure quantities and volumes we need, the only variable of pricing and cost still remains. We expect the final months of the year, after summer the break, to remain turbulent on this point.

If anyone has any specific concerns, please make contact with your local UCB Distributor or Sales representative and we will answer all questions as accurately as we can.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

James Brand - Managing Director (Foundries)

Gas Supply Security Update

14th July 2022

Dear Customer

It is being reported in multiple media centers across Europe of the potential impact and restrictions of gas supply due to the current crisis in Eastern Europe.
We can confirm, with the knowledge we have of market circumstances today, both UCB (UK) in England and UCB Cast Profil in Spain will see no interruption to manufacturing / processing of material and will continue to produce continuous cast iron bar while there is demand.

Both the UK and Spain source their gas predominantly from independent locations to where any current issues are arising.

  • The UK is satisfying half of its domestic demand through its own production of gas; a further third is satisfied with imports from Norway and the rest is complemented with imports of LNG from countries such as Qatar and the US
  • Spain typically imports 60% of its LNG from North Africa / Africa with the remainder coming from the USA and Middle Eastern producers

The primary operation of melting our iron is electric based.
Gas is consumed during pre-heating operations of equipment used during the casting process, and then predominantly it used in downstream processing of the product (annealing, stress relieving etc).

We have numerous improvement projects running to reduce gas dependency on both sites;

  • In Spain we are targeting a maximum of 5% of total energy being from natural gas through process changes
  • In UK we are targeting up to 40% reduction in gas use through plant and equipment modernization

As stated initially, although UCB hopes to be isolated from any direct impact of gas supply reduction in mainland Europe, we are anticipating there will be an indirect impact. We believe this will surface through much higher gas costs. Exposure to this impact is impossible to mitigate now and so we work hard to install the measures to reduce our future dependency.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

James Brand - Managing Director (Foundries)

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United Cast Bar is the home of Unibar Continuous Cast Iron, produced in two of Europe's most prestigious foundries and distributed through the United Cast Bar distribution network.

Unibar continuous cast iron is available in a range of grades, both in flake and spheroidal graphite to suit the application's demands. Produced in rounds, squares and rectangles as standard, and shapes specifically cast to the customer's requirements.

In our Technical Documentation you will find information about our continuously cast iron, the production process, the individual qualities, the pre-machining and much more.

Unibar continuous cast iron is used in a wide range of market sectors throughout different applications and is a preferred choice over steel and other materials due to numerous structural and physical advantages.