Global reach with local presence

25 years - time to celebrate!

25 years ago, 3 of Europe`s renowned continuous cast iron bar foundries merged to form the United Cast Bar Group!
Little did those pioneers know what we would become…
Reason enough for us to celebrate our international group with customers, partners and suppliers, and use the upcoming year for further developments and improvements.
This year is going to be exciting!

25 years, not silver anniversary, but iron!

Welcome to United Cast Bar Group

United Cast Bar is the home of Unibar Continuous Cast Iron, produced in two of Europe's most prestigious foundries and distributed through the United Cast Bar distribution network.

Unibar continuous cast iron is available in a range of grades, both in flake and spheroidal graphite to suit the application's demands. Produced in rounds, squares and rectangles as standard, and shapes specifically cast to the customer's requirements.

In our Technical Documentation you will find information about our continuously cast iron, the production process, the individual qualities, the pre-machining and much more.

Unibar continuous cast iron is used in a wide range of market sectors throughout different applications and is a preferred choice over steel and other materials due to numerous structural and physical advantages.