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    Update - COVID-19


    Dear customer,

    Due to the recent outbreak of Covid19, we have been receiving more and more questions about the availability of our products and our delivery capability through this un-predictable period. With this letter, we will inform you of the current position United Cast Bar Group is taking, and re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide you with the usual extensive service we offer, in the usual high quality within the coming weeks.

    The health of our employees is of course one of our top priorities. We have therefore established a broad package of measures to minimise the wide reaching risk as much as practically possible. This includes hygiene regulations for all employees, the restriction of outside interaction (no physical contact to external visitors, delivery and dispatch drivers etc.) as well as a strict shift system to protect both the health of our employees and to ensure the best possible delivery capability to our customers.

    The production in our Foundries in the UK and in Spain are still operating normally. Suppliers of production materials have all been contacted and given us reassurance that stocks are being maintained, both locally and in good quantity to avoid immediate issues with supply. All of our UCB locations have built up enough stock of our bar to avoid any delay in delivery and ensure the long-term supply of our products.

    We wish you and your family good health. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest UCB distribution center if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your confidence and understanding.

    Kindest regards

    Alessandro Rottach
    UCB Group Managing Director