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    UCB Germany GmbH

    UCB Germany GmbH
    Schillerstraße 38
    68623 Lampertheim-Hofheim
    Phone: +49 6241 97240
    Fax: +49 6241 972410
    E-Mail: sales.de@unitedcastbar.com

    Contact Persons

    Managing Director
    Alexander Krebs
    Phone: +49 6241 972419
    E-Mail: Alexander.Krebs@unitedcastbar.com
    Sales Back Office
    Melanie Liedy
    Phone: +49 6241 972414
    E-Mail: Melanie.Liedy@unitedcastbar.com
    Key Account Manager
    Robert Amendt
    Phone: +49 6241 972413
    E-Mail: Robert.Amendt@unitedcastbar.com
    Sales Back Office

    Kevin Seilheimer

    Phone: +49 6241 972412
    E-Mail: Kevin.Seilheimer@unitedcastbar.com

    Milestones of the company:

    • 1976 Foundation of the company Mestra GmbH as distribution center of the English foundry Metal & Elloys (UK) with its location in Siegen-Eiserfeld
    • 1982 Foundation of the company Kneisel + Heess GmbH; Continuation of the company Kneisel, Ludwigshafen, which abandoned its business enterprise
    • 1983 Relocation of the company Kneisel + Heess GmbH from Ludwigshafen to the current location in Lampertheim
    • 1986 Kneisel + Heess GmbH refocuses on the sale of castings and increases its stock
    • 1994 Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001
    • 1998 Acquisition by UCB and change of name to UCB Mestra GmbH 
    • 2002 Acquisition by UCB and change of name to UCB Kneisel & Heess GmbH
    • 2005 Relocation of UCB Mestra GmbH from Siegen-Eiserfeld to Freudenberg-Alchen
    • 2008 Merger of UCB Mestra GmbH and UCB Kneisel + Heess GmbH, UCB Germany GmbH was established and the corporate location was built on the premises of UCB Kneisel + Heess GmbH in Lampertheim

    Range of services:

    In our distribution center we have a machining shop equipped with different saws, milling machines and lathes. Therewith, we can offer a broad spectrum of services like cutting, grinding and CNC machining of our Unibar continuously cast iron.

    Cutting of material

    Round bars can be cut on our saws up to a diameter of 1100mm and rectangular/square bars can be cut up to 1100mm width/height.

    In addition to the cutting of the material to specific lengths, we can offer our customers longitudinal cuts up to a length of 4000mm.

    Roughing of surface – Turning

    Turning of round bars to the required format according to customer requirements from 50mm diameter to a maximum of 800mm diameter on six lathes with different capacities.

    Roughing of surface – Milling

    Square and rectangular bars can be machined with our single and duplex milling machines up to a width / height of approximately 550mm.

    Production of tubes

    The given production technology allows the production of tubes (rings) according to customer specification.

    Distribution of NF metals:

    In addition to the distribution of our Unibar continuously cast irons, some of the distribution centers of the United Cast Bar Group are suppliers of non-ferrous metals. Our location is also responsible for the supply of individual and large customers.

    We can cut the ordered material to the appropriate length according to your specific demand.


    United Cast Bar Group have frequently proved that our continuously cast iron bars can also be cast as specific profiles in different variants. However, we are going one step further: Our distribution center in Germany is now manufacturing pre-machined...

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    UCB Group are pleased to confirm Mr. Bernhard Bolz has joined our team in Germany.

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