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    Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    United Cast Bar produce a range of grades in both, grey/ flake and SG/nodular irons which are ideally suited to the requirements of the hydraulics and pneumatics market. Our Unibar materials demonstrate substantial advantages over other materials including steel and aluminium and production methods such as sand castings.

    Manufacturers are utilising the superior machinability characteristics of Unibar continuous cast iron to achieve significant improvements in machining times and consequently significant overall cost savings with improved mechanical characteristics.

    United Cast Bar are constantly striving to improve their existing range of materials by the development of new continuously cast products and have produced a range of materials suitable for low temperature applications where high impact resistance and ductility is required down to temperatures of -40°C while still retaining all the advantages of the Unibar range.

    These materials are ideally suited for hydraulic applications in the wind turbine, shipbuilding and oil industry both on land and off shore.


    • Cylinder Blocks
    • Hydraulic Manifolds
    • Hydraulic Pistons
    • Pump Bodies
    • Damper Pistons
    • Spools
    • Valve Bodies
    • Valve Guides
    • Rotors
    • Valves